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1 of 7 HHC Moonrocks Flower - (Bulk) HHC Moonrocks Flower - (Bulk)

This is the perfect solution for retailers looking to achieve the lowest price point per gram and want to sell premium hemp flower at higher volumes! We are happy to announce’s nationally acclaimed HHC blend of premium hemp flower infused with terpenes, but now in bulk options! We currently offer “Banana OG + Blue Raspberry”, “Blueberry Kush + Bubblegum”, “Pineapple Express + Limoncello”, "Pink Panties + Cherry Pie", "Strawberry Cough + Berry Gelato", and “Tropicana Cookies + Blueberry Cheesecake”. We offer these larger bulk options in 1lb (454g), 1/2 lb (227g), and 1/4 lb (113g).
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