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1 of 6 HHC 1g 2pk Moonrock Prerolls - (12ct Box) HHC 1g 2pk Moonrock Prerolls - (12ct Box)’s nationally acclaimed premium hemp flower infused with terpenes & HHC, packed into two individual 1g prerolls that have been rolled with our high-grade hemp kief. This is the perfect purchase for your customers looking to consume our premium hemp flower at the convince of a moonrock preroll ready to be lit! We currently offer “Pineapple Expressin + Limoncello”, “Pink Panties + Cherry Pie", "Tropicana Cookies + Blueberry Cheesecake", "Strawberry Cough + Berry Gelato", "Blueberry Kush + Bubble Gum", and "Banana OG + Blue Raspberry”. We offer these 2ct HHC Moonrock Prerolls in a Single Count or 12ct Box.
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